Online Marketing

We know that we have to make our clients happy by providing them the best quality standards and services. We focus on constantly improving our knowledge, mainly in one of the most important areas nowadays: online marketing.

Throughout our methods we improve our clients’ online presence according to perfectly planned rules and strategies. We constantly use communication to improve processes, we put at their disposal monthly reports and we recurrently review our strategies in order to maximize the results we seek.

Social Media Management

Social media is the star element of every digital marketing campaign. Using online communication channels is the equivalent of getting in touch with your clients and building a strong community around your brand.

Social media platforms serve as a great opportunity to build a powerful and reliable reputation. We create strategies and apply them using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google +, Youtube and other communication channels that keep our audience engaged.

Online Contests Management

One of the most effective methods to keep your customers engaged is to organize online contests. The more you engage your fans, the more you increase the chances they buy your products or to recommend your business to their friends.

Contests are successful among your followers and they have the potential to have amazing results, providing a rapid and effective exposure and engagement. We work together to find the right type of contest for your business and we implement it to reach the established goals.

The reason for which you should organize an online contest are:

  • building up your e-mail addresses and leads database
  • brand awareness
  • boosting your likes on your Facebook page
  • user generated content
  • the increase of engagement rate and also your sales increase


Nowadays the best resource to keep ourselves informed is the online world: we search and access the most important information, we create and discuss opinions and we decide whether to buy a product or not. If you have a business and you want your customers to easily find you it it necessary to use SEO optimization.

Our team gathers experts specialized in improving websites online authority using strategic on-off optimization. Your website’s content will be spread online and worldwide, increasing the brand awareness.

WiFi Marketing

Technology enjoyed a great progress therefore a lot of things we use require wireless connection: smartphones, smartwatches, glasses, TVs etc. This means that people want wireless connection wherever they are. This is a great opportunity for every business owner to increase his portfolio of happy customers and also to increase his sales. The best way to achieve this result is WiFi marketing. Wireless marketing implies using a wireless router that creates a hotspot for your customers and encourages loyalty based behaviour. This leads to sales’ improvement.

The advantages of using wireless marketing:

  • attracting new customers and triggering loyalty behaviour by offering free wireless connection
  • promovarea afacerii pe rețelele de socializare prin care se loghează vizitatorii
  • your fan database on social media platforms increases
  • real-time data gathering about your customers in order to develop effective marketing strategies
  • exploiting customers’ information in order to offer them customized promotions: instant discounts, vouchers or special birthday presents
  • shutting and protecting sensitive data, like financial databases or confidential files

E-mail Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most powerful communication channel in the marketing industry. It is important mainly thanks to its advantages in relation to other communication channels:

  • The reach is potentially great and extremely relevant, since the message gets in the inbox of thousands of people
  • Is is easy to set up and can be gradually approached
  • It allows you to target the audience at an individual level
  • We help you find the perfect email mix that suits your audience
  • We help you improve it so that you achieve your marketing goals

Strategies And Communications Plans

We create strategies and communication plans. They comprise full analysis upon every planned action, every estimated result and upon every risk we might encounter.


Writing content seems a piece of cake when you talk about it. But when you actually do it, things tend to get a little difficult. The content is one of the most powerful resources a business can create. That is why it is necessary for the content to be compact, brief, visible and also attractive.

Tagspot provides copywriting services that meet all the required criteria. Either you need content for your new website or you want to improve the existing one or you want clever content for your social media platforms, content for your flyers or any other promotion materials or even press releases, our team will create the perfect messages that meet your needs.

How can we help you?

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